flexible Chalkboard System für Schools

Flexible Chalkboard System for Schools

The wall rail system is designed for schools, enabling flexible use of space. The wall rail serves as the supporting element. It holds information carriers such as single-sided or double-sided wall boards, pin boards, flip charts, or projection boards. Hang, move, remove, and rearrange. Intuitively simple for both children and adults.

Versatile and Simple

The wall rail can be mounted at two different heights, allowing both teachers and students to work ergonomically at the board. Due to the lightweight nature of the board and the unique fitting, the boards can be easily moved from one rail to another with one hand. In the concealed clamp roller of the wall rail, any paper format (e.g., A3 or A4) can be clamped. No glue or pins are needed to secure the paper.

Thoughtful System

The chalkboard comes with a double-sided safety fitting. Removal is only possible at a 15° angle. Thanks to the safety fitting, the board cannot fall off. Additionally, the board can be used in both portrait and landscape formats due to the unique fitting. The board is lightweight: with standard dimensions of 100 x 100 cm, a double-sided pinboard weighs only 3 kg, and a chalkboard or whiteboard/pinboard weighs only 6 kg. The board is available in various configurations, with different surfaces on the front and back, such as the classic green chalk surface, pinboard in various colors, whiteboard with or without lines or grid, etc.

Group Work and Interdisciplinary Use

Group work is becoming increasingly important today. With school wall boards, students can work directly with the board on their desks. Even elementary school children can easily handle the boards. The board portfolio with various colored surfaces also facilitates a binding organization concept and interdisciplinary use for users: for example, what can be taken down or cleaned after school and what needs to be kept for weeks (e.g., for project work).

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